HVAC Care for Pet Owners

As a pet owner there is an added worry when it comes to your HVAC unit. Pet hair causes allergic, but it also damages the HVAC unit if you’re not careful. Far too many pet owners have experienced the dangers of pet hair that the pet has shed firsthand. Don’t include your name in this list.

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The HVAC filter works diligently to capture the dander and fur that your pet sheds. It is important to change the filters regularly to ensure that it is not clogged with hair, skin cells, and other particles that cause a dirty home filled with allergens. Filters are inexpensive and easy to replace and by doing so at least one time per month, you’re protecting the HVAC unit as well as the good health of those you love the most.

Keep the home clean. It is much easier to prevent pet hair from clogging the filters if the home is cleaned regularly. Vacuum the carpets once per week and take other measures to remove allergens, dirt, dust, and other damaging effects to the HVAC unit.

Although no one wants to spend money on professional repair, sometimes it is necessary to call a HVAC contractor fairfax va for service. If your unit is failing and noting that you’ve done seems to help, schedule an appointment for service without further delay. Prolonging further damage occurs only when you take the appropriate steps to prevent them from taking place.

Finally, keep your pet clean and brushed. Grooming your pet is a DIY job or one that professionals can handle. Either way it goes, you should properly groom your pet to reduce shedding and to prevent hair from being strewn about the home. There are lots of grooming products for DIY care sold at pet stores and online.