Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks

A leaking roof is an immediate danger to the home. It is also a common problem that many homeowners experience. Many causes of leaks can interfere with the roof on the home. Some of the most common causes of a leaking roof st louis county mo including:

·    Ice Dam Build Up: Ice Dam build up forms on the edge of the roof and when it does, water will not drain off when snow and other weather elements come down. When weight for snow and the buildup of water have nowhere to go, damage occurs. This is a problem that should be repaired quickly.

·    Cracked Flashing: Corroded sealing causes flashing to crack after it is exposed to weather elements over time. Rain and wind commonly cause flashing to crack. You can visually check for cracked flashing from the ground.

·    Broken Shingles: Broken shingle is a fairly common roof leak cause. It is easy to spot broken shingles on the roof, since it shows as patches on the roof. Weather, particularly heavy winds, is the culprit of broken shingles and it is an easy repair if you respond promptly.

·    Cracked Vent Booting: Roof vents stick out of the top of the roof and expel moisture from inside the home. There are many ways the vent booting can crack and when they do, it causes dark spots to form on the roof.

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These common causes of roof leaks need immediate attention from roofing professionals to prevent damage from occurring to the home, both inside and out. Of course, these issues are only the start of many that might cause you concern. Keep an eye on the roof and do not hesitate to make that call when you experience roofing issues like those above. It is better to protect your roof than face the consequences later.